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was born on 8 January 1953 in Waregem, a small town in the West of Flanders.

After a classic Latin-Greek education in highschool, he studied law at the University of Ghent where he graduated in 1975.

Under the guidance of professor Lenaerts (former attorney general at the Belgian Court de Cassation), at that time assistant Willy van Eeckhoutte was introduced into the complex but exciting world of social law. This resulted into a doctor's degree in law with a doctorate in social security law (in interaction with family law). In 1986 he became a full professor in labour law and social security law at the Law Faculty of the University of Ghent. Up till now he still combines these two branches of social law. Besides his successful academic career, Willy van Eeckhoutte never gave up practising law. He has been a member of the Bar of Ghent since 1975 and is leading a lawyers practice in Ghent. In 1999 he was appointed as an attorney at the Court of Cassation, the Belgian Supreme Court. Ever since he is a member of the bar of the highest court of justice in Belgium. This court only counts twenty lawyers in Belgium. He is editor of several social law journals and compilations, member of the board of scientific associations and societies and author of a large number of articles and books on social law. He has been called upon many times by ministers to give scientific advice concerning specific issues of social law.

He is loved by his students for his unique and humorous way of teaching (but feared for his difficult examination questions) and admired by his colleagues for his detailed theoretical and practical knowledge of social law.

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Masters degree in law (1999 University Ghent)
Lecturer at the Katholieke Hogeschool Zuid-West-Vlaanderen.

Ester Van Oostveldt was an assistant in the Social Law Department of the University of Ghent until 2003.

She is active at the Bar of Ghent since the 1st October 1999 and an associate since the 1st of October 2003.

She is lecturer at the Katholieke Hogeschool VIVES Zuid.


Ester Van Oostveldt is specialised in social security law.

Publications and other activities

Ester Van Oostveldt is the co-author of various social law publications, for example the yearly-reprinted Sociaal Compendium Socialezekerheidsrecht and the Sociaal Zakboekje (bi-annual).

She also assists in updating SocialEye, an online database for social law specialists and HR professionals.

She is the assistant editor of the International Encyclopaedia of Laws, Social Security Law book, a work in which an overview is given of the social security law systems in different countries of all five continents.



Ms Stephanie VANDEN EEDE 


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