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Founding Editor


Prof. Roger BLANPAIN


Professor Roger Blanpain, the founding editor of the International Encyclopaedia of Laws, passed away on 11 October 2016.


Roger Blanpain (born in Belgium, Geraardsbergen, 5 November 1932) studied law at the University of Leuven, Belgium. In Leuven, he obtained his doctoraal degree in law  in 1956. In 1957 he obtained a Master of Arts degree at Columbia University, New York.


In 1961, Blanpain became assistant and later professor at the Law Faculty of the University of Leuven where he held the chair in labour law until 1998. His academic work covered Belgian, European, international and comparative labour law.


Besides his teaching, Roger Blanpain took up various functions. He was dean of the law faculty, member of the Board of Directors of the University of Leuven, member of the Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences, and president of the Leuven law alumni-society. He was a Belgian senator between 1987 and 1989.


Roger Blanpain was one of the founding fathers and later president of the International Society for Labour Law and Social Security Law and the International Industrial Relations Association (now ILERA). He was visiting professor at various prestigious universities around the world.


With the passing away of Professor Roger Blanpain the academic community lost one of the founding fathers of international and comparative (labour) law. Blanpain believed very strongly in studying law in comparative perspective and in close connection with broader societal questions.  His publications and contributors list is endless. He is famous for his worldwide scope and reach.


The International Encyclopaedia of Laws, a worldwide series of monographs that started with ‘Labour Law and Industrial Relations’ in the mid-seventies, must be seen as one of his most-known publications with world-wide scope.


I had the privilege to work with him as a student, an assistant and later as a colleague. Above all, he was a true friend and, even more, my intellectual father. His eternal enthusiasm and energy, his capability of bringing people together, and his personal warmth, are now great memories. Let us keep them in our heart forever.


Frank Hendrickx

Prof. Roger BLANPAIN


Was professor emeritus of the Faculty of Laws of the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium. He has been a visiting professor at the Universities of Florida, Georgia (USA), Insead (France), Kentucky, Michigan (USA), Paris (France), Sophia (Japan), the Universities of Hasselt and KUBrussel, Belgium and the University of Tilburg, the Netherlands; and wasa member of the Flemish Royal Academy (1992-2016).

He has been Dean of the Leuven Faculty of Laws (1984-1988), was Past President of the International Industrial Relations Association (now ILERA) (1986-1989), and has been a member of the Belgian Senate (1987-1989). He was a doctor honoris causa of the University of Szeged, Hungary (1997). He was also Past-President of the International Society of Labour and Social Security Law.

Professor Blanpain was also the editor of the International Encyclopaedia of Labour Law and Industrial Relations (since 1975) and general editor of the International Encyclopaedia of Laws (more than 1300 collaborators worldwide), the Bulletin of Comparative Labour Relations and of the book Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations in Industrialised Market Economies (12th ed. 2014).





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