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Constitutional Law

International Encyclopaedia for Constitutional Law

Edited by Prof. André Alen & Prof. David Haljan

Editors - Authors - Outline - Published monographs

This set of volumes in the International Encyclopaedia of Laws presents a country-by-country survey of constitutional law throughout the world. It is also in the process of publishing, in one source, all the constitutions of the world in English.

Each national monograph includes detailed information of the country's political system, historical background, sources of constitutional law, form of government (outlining the legal status, the competence and the working of central state powers, etc.), state form and subdivisions of the state, component states and decentralised authorities, citizenship (especially nationality and the legal position of aliens), and specific problems such as foreign relations, taxing and spending power, emergency laws, the power of the military, and the constitutional relation between Church and State.

So far, the constitutions of 27 countries are reproduced in full.


  • Last modified 09-12-2016