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International Encyclopaedia for Contracts

Edited by Prof. Jacques Herbots

Editor - Authors - Outline - Published monographs

Contracts seal the fate of international transactions. Whether they stand on firm legal ground may hinge upon a minute detail. The Contracts subset of the International Encyclopaedia of Laws sheds light on "the fine print" of the world of contracts, helping ensure the viability (or bring to light the non-viability) of these detail-oriented instruments.

Contracts encompass the national monographs of a wide variety of countries, and are written by experts from each of those countries. Each national monograph is divided into two parts: the first addresses the general principles of this field of law, and the second covers specific types of contracts. This work also addresses international aspects of contract law.

The succinct yet scholarly nature of this resource, as well as the practical quality of the information it provides, make it a valuable time-saving tool for business and legal professionals alike. The updated supplements will also ensure any library that its resources will remain up to date on legislation and policy changes in jurisdictions worldwide.



  • Last modified 09-12-2016