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Corporations and Partnerships

International Encyclopaedia for Corporations and Partnerships

Edited by Prof. Koen Geens & Dr Carl Clottens

Editors - Authors - Outline - Published monographs

The increase in European Community (EC) membership and the steady evolution towards increased harmonisation means that international business opportunities are also on the rise.

This convenient resource provides quick and easy guidance on a variety of corporate and partnership considerations that arise in international business, such as mergers, rights and duties of interested parties, stock exchange directives, labour laws, and takeovers.

Corporations and Partnerships puts the information necessary for corporations to compete effectively in the shifting global market at the user's fingertips. Through updated supplements, this resource is able to address additional areas of concern as they arise, making it an important and practical tool for business executives and their legal counsels interested in engaging in an international partnership or embarking on corporate expansion into established or newly emerging markets.



  • Last modified 09-12-2016