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Medical Law

International Encyclopaedia for Medical Law

Edited by Prof. Herman Nys

Editor - Authors Outline - Published monographs

Relating to the practice of medicine in the large sense, this subset of the International Encyclopaedia of Laws covers national and international medical law. Each national monograph contains, besides a general introduction, a description of the country in question's law related to the medical profession, such as access to the medical profession, illegal practice of medicine and control over the practice of medicine. The physician-patient relationship (the rights and duties of physicians and patients) and specific issues such as abortion and euthanasia will also be covered. Finally, this monograph will cover the national law dealing with the physician in relation to his colleagues, other health care providers and the health care system.

An international monograph covers the World Health Organisation in both its international and regional aspects. Forthcoming international monographs will cover international declarations on medical ethics such as the Declaration of Helsinki on Medical Experiments (1964) and the European Code of Medical Ethics.


  • Last modified 09-12-2016