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Migration Law

International Encyclopaedia for Migration Law

Edited by Prof. Helen Oosterom-Staples

Editor - Authors Outline - Published monographs

The International Encyclopaedia for Migration Law deals with international and national rules on immigration and right of residence of non-nationals. It contains national monographs on the migration law applicable in each country. This information is completed by monographs on the legal instruments on migration law adopted by supranational, international and regional organisations.

The national monographs focus on the legal and administrative conditions for persons not having the citizenship of a State to enter this State, to stay on its territory for a short period or to obtain the right of residence for a longer period. Special attention will be paid to the status of specific categories of persons, such as students, researchers, temporary workers and asylum seekers, as well as to the position of the member of the family of immigrants. The monographs also contain practical information on the administrative procedures to be followed on order to obtain the right to enter and to reside in a State. They also deal with sanctions against persons not respecting these rules, including the possibility of expulsion. Furthermore, legal remedies and procedural guarantees are analysed. Finally, the national monographs describe rules on access to the labour market and to self-employed activities for non-nationals.

The monographs on supranational (EC), international (UN; ILO) and regional (Council of Europe; other regional agreements) legislation concentrate on the specific instruments adopted by the relevant organisations with a direct or indirect impact on the migration law of the Member States.

The International Encyclopaedia for Migration Law will be the only comprehensive and concise source of information on migration law in a great number of countries. It is addressed to major law firms and to immigration specialists both in public and private organisations (national immigration offices; human resources specialists in companies and organisations; non-governmental organisations).


  • Last modified 09-12-2016