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International Encyclopaedia for Religion

Edited by Prof. Rik Torfs

Editor - Authors Outline - Published monographs

In the growing international discussion on diversity and multiculturalism, religion plays an increasing and overwhelming role. A lot has been written on religion, but an overall standard work in the form of an Encyclopaedia is lacking, namely systematic information how each State deals with religion, the role it plays or can play in society, the status of the church involved, of the clergy, school, culture and media... So, an Encyclopaedia on religious law, would really fill a gap as it would have a world wide coverage. At the same time, next to national monographs, there will be regional and international monographs concerning the place and role of religion in international treaties, as a universal human right and so on. The Encyclopaedia would also contain monograph describing and giving an in depth picture of the most important religions like Christianism, Protestantism, island, Buddhism.


  • Last modified 09-12-2016