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Sports Law

International Encyclopaedia for Sports Law

Edited by Prof. Michele Colucci

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The International Encyclopaedia of Sports Law deals with international and national sports law. For both levels, the encyclopaedia will include the texts of the laws and the regulations of the sports organisations. This constitutes the "codex" volume. As far as monographs are concerned, the preferred approach is to structure the encyclopaedia by jurisdiction, in which various issues will be dealt with (according to a similar table of contents). In this approach the encyclopaedia will mainly be divided into three parts, namely international, regional and national. An introductory part may precede each section. For each level of jurisdiction, a further distinction will be made between public regulation (laws and regulation from governmental authorities) and private regulation (regulation and by-laws from sports organisations, like IOC, FIFA, etc.).



  • Last modified 09-12-2016