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Prof. Peggy VALCKE


Prof. Dr. Peggy Valcke is a leading European expert on media and communications law. She is a full time research professor at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, teaches media law at the H.U.Brussel, is visiting professor at the University of Tilburg and lectures in the Florence School of Regulation (European University Institute). She is the current director of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Law & ICT (ICRI), a research centre at the Faculty of Law of K.U.Leuven, specialized in legal aspects of the information society and one of the founding partners of the Interdisciplinary Institute for BroadBand Technology (IBBT). In 2006, she was visiting professor at Central European University in Budapest, Hungary, and lecturer in the Oxford/Annenberg Summer School. She is a member of the General Chamber in the Flemish Media Regulator and of the Belgian Competition Council.

She is a frequently invited speaker at conferences and expert workshops and has published widely in international journals (in English, French, German and Dutch) on a broad range of topics related to electronic communications law, media law and competition law. Besides being the editor of the International Encyclopedia of Media Law, she is also a member of the editorial board of several journals including The Journal of Media Law; Computer, Law and Security Review; Journal of Information Policy; and e-Competitions."

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

Maria-Theresia-College; Augustinusvleugel

Sint-Michielsstraat 6, box 3443

3000 Leuven


Tel: +32 16 32 54 70

Personal website:





Eva Lievens is an Assistant Professor of Law & Technology at the Law Faculty of Ghent University and a member of the Human Rights Centre
From 2003 until 2015, she was a member of the KU Leuven Centre for IT and IP Law (CiTiP, previously the Interdisciplinary Centre for Law & ICT).

Eva obtained her law degree at the University of Ghent in 2002 and a Master degree in Transnational Communications and Global Media at Goldsmiths College, London in 2003. She defended her PhD in law titled “Regulatory instruments for content regulation in digital media - A prospective study on the protection of minors against harmful content” in June 2009 at KU Leuven. A recurrent focus in her research relates to human and children's rights in the digital environment, alternative regulatory instruments, such as self- and co-regulation, and the legal impact of the design and deployment of technology in today’s society. 

From 2011 until 2015 she was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow of the Research Fund Flanders, carrying out research into risk-reducing strategies for illegal and harmful conduct and content in online social networks. She has extensive experience in supervising fundamental research projects, through her involvement in fundamental research projects  as a postdoctoral researcher and promoter.

Eva is a member of the Chamber for impartiality and the protection of minors of the Flemish Regulator for the Media, and the Belgian Film Evaluation Committee ("Commissie Filmkeuring"). She has also been a member of various working groups advising the Federal and Flemish government (for instance with respect to the right to reply in the digital media environment, cyberbullying and the adoption of a labeling and classification system for audiovisual content) and the Strategic Advisory Committee for Media (“SARC Sectorrraad Media”).

At Ghent University, Eva teaches European Media Law, European Law & ICT, and Introduction to Law. From 2010 until 2012, Eva was the director of the Postgraduate Studies in ICT & Media Law programme and from 2012 until 2015, she was the programme coordinator of the Master in IP & ICT Law at KU Leuven Campus Brussels. 

Eva regularly publishes (biblio UGent), presents and lectures about her research interests. She is the associate editor for the International Encyclopaedia of Laws - Media Law (with Prof. Peggy Valcke; Kluwer) and is a member of the editorial board of the IT & Law Series (Springer) and the editorial committee of the journal Auteurs & Media (Larcier). She is also a contributor for Belgium for the European Audiovisual Observatory IRIS newsletter.

Ghent University
Department of Interdisciplinary Study
of Law, Private Law and Business Law

Voldersstraat 5
B-9000 Gent - BELGIUM

[t] +32 9 264 69 33    







Valerie Verdoodt (°1989) obtained her Master of Laws (cum laude) in 2012 from the K.U.Leuven. In 2010 she was an Erasmus exchange student at Queen Mary University of London, focusing on competition law. In 2013 she completed the Advanced Master in Intellectual Property Rights & ICT at H.U. Brussels/K.U. Leuven. Prior to joining CiTiP in March 2014, Valerie completed a traineeship at the Data Protection Unit of the European Commission's DG Justice, working on the reform of the General Data Protection Regulation and on the development of a code of conduct for cloud computing service providers. 

At CiTiP, Valerie is a doctoral researcher focusing on the topics of social media (literacy), privacy, data protection, user empowerment and the protection of minors. Since 2014, she has been involved in several European and Belgian research projects (i.e. EMSOC, SPION, ACDC, PREEMPTIVE). At the moment, she is working on the AdLit Project, which studies minors' advertising literacy in a new media environment, funded by IWT (Belgian agency for innovation by science and technology). Her PhD is entitled “Children’s rights and advertising literacy in the digital era: Towards an empowering regulatory framework for commercial communication“ and will examine the role of children’s rights in regulating new advertising techniques.

CiTiP (Centre for IT & IP Law)
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

Sint-Michielstraat 6
B- 3000 Leuven

T +32 (0) 16 377741





Ingrid Lambrecht (°1991) obtained her Master of Laws in 2015 from the University of Leuven, with a focus on economic and private law. In 2016 she completed the Advanced Master in Intellectual Property Rights & ICT at the University of Leuven (Campus Brussels), cum laude

At the moment, Ingrid is doing her PhD research within the Diamond Project on media pluralism in the online environment, more specifically on the monitoring of existing legal safeguards for press freedom and their effectivity online. This research encompasses aspects such as fundamental rights, press freedom, journalism safeguards and platform regulation.

CiTiP (Centre for IT & IP Law)
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

Sint-Michielstraat 6
B- 3000 Leuven

T +32 (0) 16 377741


Ms Nadia FECI


Nadia Feci (°1994) obtained her Bachelor of Laws degree from the UHasselt, in 2015. She continued her studies at KU Leuven where, in 2017, she obtained her Master of laws (cum laude) with a focus on private law and economic law. In 2018, she completed the advanced Master of Intellectual Property and ICT law at the KU Leuven - Campus Brussels (cum laude).

Nadia joined the CiTiP team in October 2018 where she started working on the SMOOTH project, which focuses on facilitating the implementation of the GDPR by micro enterprises. Besides Smooth, she will also be involved in the Spectre Project, which revolves around the privacy-utility challenge in a smart city environment. Additionally, Nadia is also passionate about topics related to media law.

CiTiP (Centre for IT & IP Law)
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

Sint-Michielstraat 6
B- 3000 Leuven

T +32 (0) 16 193366


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